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Waste audit




Plastic Materials, Inc. can set-up a convenient time to visit your facility and evaluate your waste stream.

Plastic Materials, Inc. monitors the materials being collected and meets with the staff on an "as needed" or pre determined basis to discuss any improvements that need to be made. 

Once we have everyone "on board" and initial training is completed, we can put our "plan of action" into ACTION.

We can work with your company to establish a "plan of action" to get your recycling program started. 

SEASONED PROfessionals with a passion for recycling

OUR PEOPLE REALLY MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.......With over 20 years of experience in plastic processing and recycling, we can work together to develop a program that works for everyone. 

Our professional staff can set-up an initial visit to your facility or you can send sample of what you want to recycle. We will work closely with your staff to develop a program that is simple and efficient. 


  • On-site Audits
  • Material Evaluations
  • Employee Training
  • Certified Destruction and Recycling
  • Record Keeping
  • CSR / Sustainability Programs


We contacted Waste Recovery and Recycling (WR&R); a division of Plastic Materials, Inc. to help us reduce the amount of waste that we were sending to the landfill. They not only helped with the plastics but paper, cardboard and even our wooden pallets! The people at WR&R are easy to work with and really care about what they are doing. 

Mike Farmwell

​Classic Distribution Services