WASTE RECOVERY AND RECYCLING (WR&R) (Division of Plastic Materials, Inc.) 

Recycling, certified destruction, Waste Recovery, RECYCLING


Processes and Services

While we are primarily focused on recycling of PLASTIC SCRAP MATERIALS we can also help your company to recycle paper, cardboard and METALS. We are really a "one stop shop" when it comes to recycling and management of your WASTE MATERIALS. Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

-Shredding / grinding of plastic parts and paper;


-transportationof raw materials and finished goods to and from your    facility and ours;

-Trailers spotted for storage of your recycled materials;

-closed loop recycling of your manufacturing waste;

-density separation / cleaning of contaminated PLASTIC WASTE MATERIALS;

-brokering of recycled materials; PLASTIC, METAL AND PAPER products.

because we are able to handle the three (3) most commonly recycled items; PLASTIC, PAPER/CARDBOARTD AND METALS, these can all be loaded on the same truck which eliminates you and your company having to work with several different companies to recycle your WASTE MATERIALS.

Does your company want your recycled materials back once they have been through one or more of our processes? No problem, we routinely process materials on a "toll basis" for many of our clients. Please contact us to further discuss this option.

do you have a significant volume of "hard to recycle materials? Give us an opportunity to take a look at what you have to recycle. We may put a system in place at our facility to handle these streams of material....Who knows, there may be another company with a problematic material like yours that we can work with as well.